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A note from the Artist

I love that with art, the journey never ends. It is constantly evolving, changing, and flowing just like the sands of time. I find it magical that I start out creating something, but in the end it is myself and others that is transformed. Sculpting, writing, and taking photos is sacred to me. It starts as an idea in my imagination and it comes alive. When it is finished it has as story; a past and future, and I am excited to see where that piece will go and how it will affect others.  

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About Us

The Art of Fantasy

Whether it's sculptures, books, or photography, Wicked FairyTale has you covered. I specialize in everything magical. 

Original Concept Work

My focus is on things that you never dreamed to be possible, carefully created through clay, words, and images. The details will leave you breathless and your imagination reeling. 

Be Part of the Magical Realm

Each piece is hand crafted, every word articulately conveyed, and any photo captured seems like a surreal experience. If you are interested in what makes Wicked FairyTale different, click the link below.

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