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Who is Wicked FairyTale?

Wicked FairyTale is owned and operated by Tara Marks, a published author and professional artist. I have a small team that assists with administrative tasks but I am the artist behind the designs, creations, novels, and photography. 

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What does it mean if an item is back ordered?

Currently all items are handmade One-of-a-kind (OOAK) fantasy sculptures, meaning there is only one original item, but the item can also be ordered as a custom piece. Please allow extra time for all orders indicated in a listing stating that it can be back ordered. Once an invoice for an item that is on back order is received, a email notification will be sent to the collector indicating how long the item will take to be completed.  Please note: Items that are allowed to be back ordered can be discontinued without prior notification and may vary slightly from the pictured product, as each one is handmade. 

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For sculptures- Do you do custom work?

I am selective about accepting requests as my primary focus is on my designs. To be notified of any Custom Order announcement, sign up via email or follow me on Facebook. Please note most custom orders require full payment up front. 

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For writing- What do you offer?

The first book of my trilogy, Into the Light, has been published and is available for purchase.

I have also released a kid/adult coloring book that features my dragons and their stories. 

I am also available, but selective, about ghost writing and editing others work. 

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For photography- What do you offer?

I offer original prints and selective photography services such as portraits, weddings, and bands. 

My calendar will show my availability and the link below will describe my services as well as required deposits and pricing. 

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What is your shipping and return policy on products?

My shop has a detailed description of shipping and return of my products, including domestic and international shipping and applicable insurance. 

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Birth Certificates


What are they?

Serving as our Certificates of Authenticity, these have the Wicked name and story of the sculpture, as well as their creation date and adoption date. In addition, they are stamped and signed by the artist.  Please note: the style of the certificate may be different from what is pictured. 

Who gets them?

Many collectors love that this is offered at Wicked FairyTale and are a great compliment to the item which can be framed or displayed. 

Can they be customized?

Absolutely! With the exception of the Parthon Dragons, and selective Wicked Creatures, that are from upcoming books, the vast majority of collection pieces can be further customized if you want to make a piece even more special. In addition, customization of name and story is also option for custom orders.